Leveraging the Internet to Increase Your Restaurant’s Profitability

Bellevue Business Consulting

In our information-heavy world, the internet may very well be the most valuable marketing tool at your disposal. But how can you best leverage the internet towards your restaurant’s advantage? Here are some tips to get you moving in the right direction:

Get a Mobile-Friendly Website
A website needs to have a mobile version to allow people to fully access it through their smartphones and other small, mobile devices. If you are not accommodating the mobile crowd, you are depriving yourself of a surprisingly large portion of your potential customer base. Over sixty percent of people are accessing your website via a mobile device, and few of them will stick around if they can’t easily view your menu and call your restaurant on the same device.

Keep a Blog
Do you think that your business doesn’t justify a blog? In truth, a blog can serve to justify your business! Even a restaurant can post regular articles on the culture behind their food, the health benefits of their dishes, and the occasional event or promotion. This serves to give customers something they can share on social media, establishing yourself as an expert in your field while simultaneously increasing your visibility on search engines.

Get on Social Media
People on Facebook can’t “like” you unless you make a Facebook page! Signing up on all of the most visible social media sites is an effective and largely free way to increase your visibility. This includes Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more.

Get More Online Reviews
Reviews of businesses are readily accessible to people nowadays. As a result, roughly ninety percent of customers are basing their decisions on what to buy and where to eat on the reviews they find. The more reviews you have on Yelp and similar websites, the better, since your glowing reviews will rise to the top and the occasional bad review will be all the less impactful. Simply sharing the link to your appropriate review page, making it easy for your customers, may be enough to increase your star ratings.

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